Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Start working with Visual Studio 2010

When you open visual studio 2010 for the first time on your computer, it asks you to select one of the programming languages as the default for visual studio. Choose C# for the default. Other than the first time, whenever you open VS2010 you will see the first window as the following image.


Select new project to start a new project and a new window will come up like the following image (If you want to open an existing project, you can select open a project). 


For now on visual C#, select console application and browse the place that you want to save your project. Change the name of the project if you want and select OK.

When you select OK, the main page of visual studio opens up and you will see some lines of code in it as following.

For now ignore the codes and try to make the required changes in the window to be able to have the most control over your code. Go to view tab and activate “Other Windows - Properties”, “Solution Explorer”, and “Error List”. Drag each window to a side of the main window that you feel comfortable as the following images.


At the end your window should look like something like the next image. Now you are ready to start learning about coding. Having the same order of position for these windows while you are coding helps a lot to be fast in error finding and debugging.


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